100 women come forward to stand by Kavanaugh in midst of accusation

The narrative that attempted to brand Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a sexual predator just got shattered.

Sara Fagen, who served with Kavanaugh in the Bush administration, stood up with nearly 100 other women to express her support for the SCOTUS nominee.

The New Movement

#MeToo had a nice run, but it is being taken over by a new women’s movement online.

After Ford made her allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the #IStandWithBrett movement is starting to gain a lot of steam.

First, one of his college girlfriends came forward to support him.

Then, a woman who was one of his high school girlfriends made a statement calling him a perfect gentleman, even at that young age.

Since then, dozens of women that have known him throughout various periods of his life have made public statements in support of Brett Kavanaugh.

Now, Sara Fagen, who served with Kavanaugh during the Bush administration, is also coming out in support.

During her press conference, Fagen stated, “Whether you were male or female, white or black, an intern or the chief of staff, Brett was always the same: respectful, responsible, and available.”

She further said he was a “person of honor, integrity, and a person of strong moral character.”

Stacking It Up

As this drama has played out, Kavanaugh is the one stacking up supporters.

Meanwhile, Ford’s supporters are mostly composed of Democrats with an anti-Kavanaugh agenda.

While Dems try to say conservatives are trying to stifle Ford, it is the complete opposite.

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Conservatives feel so strongly in Kavanaugh’s innocence they want Ford to take the stand to expose what many now believe is a well-organized Democrat plot to undermine Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

By the end of this week, we should know once and for all who is telling the truth.

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