More than 100 believed dead after violent attack on Sudanese protestors

Since early April, protestors have been camped outside of army headquarters in Khartoum.

Military leaders apparently decided to end the protest on their own by assaulting the protestors, allegedly killing more than 100 innocent civilians.

The Protest

President Omar al-Bashir had been ousted by the military in early April. After he was removed, the military took power but had agreed to eventually turn that power over in a general election.

Not long afterward, citizens set up camp outside the army’s headquarters in an effort to force the military to turn the government over to its citizens.

Negotiations had been ongoing since, but all that progress came to an abrupt halt after the attack.

In addition to wiping out the protest, the military announced all agreements that had been made to that point were null and void.

Conflicting Reports

When the assault has first been reported, the Central Committee for Sudanese Doctors reported 108 deaths. The ruling generals immediately pushed back on the claim.

The military stated it was trying to conduct a cleanup operation, but it went horribly wrong. Reports were then released by the generals that no more than 46 people were killed in the confrontation.

Videos of the conflict, however, tell a far different story…

This conflict will have some impact on U.S. foreign policy, as both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were backing the ruling generals.

That is no doubt why the generals immediately pushed back on the narrative and insisted this was accidental and they never went into the protest with the intent of violence.

Both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are encouraging both sides to come back to the table to resume a dialogue.

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