10-Year-Old ‘Trans’ Model Celebrated, Plans Surgery at Age 16

The story of a celebrated child model who is male, but poses as a female and hopes to have transgender surgery at age 16, is stirring the waters of the transgender controversy.

Because its circumstances show the impact of the “woke” culture on children.

“Both of my parents are trans-masculine. We are one big queer family,” explains a profile for Neolla McMaher at an online LGBT community site.

He is attracting attention because he modeled, as a girl, at New York Fashion Week representing the Trans’ Clothing Co. brand.

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The 10-year-old also has been signed to additional modeling jobs for the rest of this year.

The original reporting on the situation came from Reduxx magazine, which explained that Noella’s family includes “two trans-identified female parents,” who additionally have a nonbinary “theybie.”

That report explains the 10-year-old “is making headlines as the world’s youngest trans model to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.”

It said Noella’s parents indicated he began expressing dysphoria at age 2.

“She would refuse to wear boy clothes and have tantrums because she was so young. She knew what she wanted, but didn’t have the words to say it … I should have known earlier, as she hated anything masculine, so I brought her to a gender clinic,” his mother explained.

With the “woke” culture in support, Noella “socially transitioned” at 4, legally transitioned at 6 and now hopes for chemical puberty blockers and gender surgery.

“Dee McMaher, Noella’s biological mother, is a social justice advocate who identifies as non-binary, appears to be on hormone replacement therapy, and recently had a cosmetic mastectomy. Both she and her current partner are females who identify as trans masculine,” that report explained.

“According to the Point Foundation website, McMaher, neé Kalick, has been an ‘advocate and educator’ for transgender children for 10 years — roughly since around the time Noella was born,” the report said.

The family has been promoted in “People’s World,” and “Chicago Parent.”

Sinead Watson, a vocal member of a growing community of those who have detransitioned, was stunned.

“I cannot believe this child was affirmed at such a young age. I cannot believe this child – this baby – was deemed wrong as young as 2.” Watson told Reduxx. “And legal changes as 6? This whole case is abhorrent.”

“That this child’s parents both happen to be ‘trans’ or ‘queer’ is no surprise to me. They are forcing their own ideological ideas onto their innocent baby,” Watson said. “As with the social contagion among vulnerable children, we’re seeing more and more parents with Münchausen syndrome by proxy. It’s not the kids who are trans – it’s the parents who want them to be trans.”


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